March 3, 2024   growth skills

You don’t have to meditate to be spiritual

If you can’t meditate, it’s OK–mindfulness is the point (that is what unlocks neuroplasticity and allows brain rewiring), and you can do that other ways. I have never been able to mentally sit still enough to meditate. What I do is apply mindfulness all day long. I am constantly noticing what it’s like to be me and how I’m responding to things, and considering whether that response is a conditioned response or an authentic one, and if there is any emotion present to process (process = sit with and talk to the part that holds the emotion, with compassion, until it releases). And I’ve been wildly successful with this–so no, you don’t have to meditate. And yeah I’m sure it would be good for me to meditate the way vegetables would be good for me to eat, but neither are very accessible to me right now (see: ADHD). You can start where you are and be who you are and still use mindfulness to change who you are. Your path of liberation doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s path–it just has to actually work for you.

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