April 15, 2024   sovereignty

Self-authorization is part of spiritual development

“No one can construct for you the bridge upon which precisely you must cross the stream of life, no one but you yourself alone.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Millions have walked the spiritual path before you. But they’ve all also been walking a unique path of their own. We each have a unique spiritual path that we have to discover by walking it. And part of the path is learning to trust inner guidance over any other form of guidance.

There are many tools of liberation, but the only one who can liberate you is yourself. You are unique. Your tangle of patterns and meanings is yours. It is and always will be on you to untangle it.

You can follow other people’s teachings, and many will help you and work for you. But ultimately you can only become free by working with your own soul and walking your own path. Because our individuality is part of our awakening. There is nothing about us that is not purposeful.

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