March 22, 2024   the path

Love and light and bypassing

If your “love and Light” can’t accept or isn’t willing to see that most people on Earth are full of pain and shadow, and you want to escape or avoid that reality, you aren’t embodying the Light, you are bypassing your own pain. Because the actual Light i.e. God is completely unfazed by pain and shadow. The Light has no need to fight the darkness, to try to get others to heal, to rescue people, or avoid them. It shines on everyone and everything, just like the Sun. The Sun shines on everything indiscriminately. That’s how the Light works. So if your spiritual path isn’t making you more and more OK with suffering, complexity, darkness, uncertainty, and pain…then you’re not on a spiritual path, you’re just using spiritual concepts and feelings as a defense.

You can love the Light and accept that you still have pain and it’s not going to magically heal overnight, and it doesn’t have to be avoided to stay “high vibe”. Bypassing is fundamentally a fear response–it does not raise your vibration at all (it feels like it does, but that’s just a feeling). Like all defenses, bypassing keeps you stuck in the SAME vibration, because your vibration is not made up of just your conscious feelings, it’s made up of everything in your conscious and unconscious.

So: face your pain and your fear. Bring it to conscious awareness and love it, embrace it, be with it until it heals. Do this today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life. Stop being afraid of it, it won’t kill you. You embody the Light by acting like the Light. And Light is never afraid of the dark.

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