March 29, 2024   the path

God will never ask you to be somebody else

I can’t express enough how much we are meant to be exactly who we already are.

Growth is not becoming “better”, it’s becoming more YOU. It’s undoing the layers of conditioning that keep your inherent Divine nature from simply shining as it naturally does.

There is nothing fundamental to change about yourself. What there is to do is to remove what is not fundamentally you.

Any ideas that we are not enough or not worthy are simply untruths. They are not accurate. That is not how the Universe works. We are not judged by anything but our own mind. And we can stop doing that. We can decide to meet ourselves with unconditionality. To simply appreciate our own being, our own becoming, our own unfolding. We can allow ourselves to experience the grace which is always waiting for us to let it in.

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