January 30, 2024   sovereignty

Coming out of the woo closet

I’ve always tried to keep my spiritual path to myself, to a large extent. I talk about it a little bit, but so much less than it actually lives in me and shapes my life. But the personal growth and healing and empowerment stuff I talk about–it was all done in the context of my commitment to my spiritual path, and doesn’t really make complete sense without it. I can’t authentically tell my story without talking about it.

  • I can’t really explain my self-love journey without talking about understanding myself as a child of the Divine.
  • I can’t really explain healing my trauma without talking about knowing who I truly am is bigger than any experience I can have in this life.
  • I can’t really explain empowerment as an empath without talking about how energy responds to intention, and you have the complete right to own your energy field and not take on others emotions.
  • I can’t really explain how I released my patterns of codependence and learned self-sovereignty without talking about my karma around self-sacrifice.
  • I can’t really explain how I can survive very dark experiences and come out of them transformed and free of resentment without explaining my understanding of why I’m on Earth in the first place.

These things don’t make sense without the full picture. So I can’t teach anything without teaching everything. Which means my next step is to bring my weird, wild, woo-woo path explicitly into my writing.

It’s something I have resisted for a very long time, because my spirituality is so precious to me, and so close to my heart. It is the driving force of my life. But it’s getting to that point where I can’t not be myself in this way. I can’t keep pretending or masking my actual reality–something inside me won’t stand for it anymore. There comes a moment when the shadows of your past, the people who dismissed or belittled your authentic self and made you afraid to be yourself, just do not matter compared to the benefits of freedom and owning your own life story and your authentic expression.

I can’t fully own my power and let anyone else’s opinions or judgments or pain be more important than me living my own truth and speaking it as I am called to. Why would I give people who do not understand me and do not see me the power to shut down my own right to speak? I can no longer stomach giving that much of my power away. I can no longer live in the smallness I created to stay safe. It’s not enough anymore to merely be safe. I need to also be free.

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