January 31, 2024   the path

Choosing painful incarnations

I often hear people feel the idea that we choose our incarnations, and therefore choose our traumas, to be victim blaming. I understand why it would feel that way from a human perspective. But the choice isn’t made from within the human experience. This idea presupposes that who we really are is so much more vast and expansive than we can ever hope to imagine while we are in these human vessels, so the choice to experience helplessness and victimization makes sense. It makes sense to a soul the way that lifting very heavy weights to tear our muscles so they regrow stronger makes sense to us as humans–the soul has absolute knowledge that it will survive the experience and learn things from it that it can’t learn any other way.

If you can’t understand why a vast immortal being might choose to have a very challenging but temporary dark emotional experience, then you don’t understand the idea itself, and it’s not meant for you right now. This is a problem with esoteric spiritual ideas being readily available all over the internet, and people encountering them far before they are ready to understand them, at a point when they can actually be harmful or painful to hear.

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